Department store with furniture and home accessories.

It deals with consulting and advisory activities in the field of purchase and sale of vehicles as well as the processing of certificates, expert opinions and opinions through members.

A company that is a pioneer in the field of body and skin care products based on tea tree oil.

Slovak network for the production and distribution of functional socks, stockings and stockings of domestic and Italian brands.

Production and sale of meat products.

Manufacture and distribution of supplementary nutrition for athletes.

The first specialized hospital in the field of orthopedics in Slovakia.

The most popular Slovak mineral water with a unique mineral composition, unique taste and beneficial effect on the human body.

Legal protection insurance.

Premium high quality South American rums.

The Insud Pharma Group pharmaceutical company is a global organization that provides patients and healthcare professionals with a balanced portfolio of more than 300 products in 40 countries around the world.

Natural mineral water with a significant content of bicarbonates and sodium. Unique mineral water, which is due to its composition and alkaline character excellent in solving digestive problems and generally has a positive effect on the human body.

The world's leading producer of French cognac.

A network of retail chains that sells cosmetics, medical supplies, household products and healthy nutrition.

The world leader in payment solutions in the world of work offers solutions primarily through mobile applications, on-line platforms and cards to optimize employee lives, increase business efficiency and merchant turnover.

Exclusive network of restaurants offering the freshest fish and ingredients prepared in original Japanese porcelain and an intimate setting.

Travel agency for air and bus tours.

Globtour Travel Agency is the largest tour operator in Slovakia for Croatia, including islands, Bulgaria, and other holiday options such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Albania.

Multi-purpose buildings and chamber sculpture made of glass from the workshop of the artist Gordana Turuk, who also exhibits her works in the Bratislava and Prague showrooms.

Production and sale of cosmetics containing virgin olive oil.

A wide range of quality, medical and orthopaedic mattresses.

A restaurant offering a perfect harmony of Asian and European gastronomy.

19 top dental clinics for dental surgery, implantology, dental veneers and machines and paediatric dentistry.

Leading wine producer in the Nitra wine region with long-term experience and tradition.

Professional care in the field of assisted reproduction and one-day surgery in the field of gynaecology.

The world's best-selling American whiskey.

Slovak manufacturer of functional nutritional supplements not only for athletes.

Leading generic pharmaceutical company.

Slovak producer of cheese and dairy products.

Prestigious brand of Italian drinks, named after Martini & Rossi Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino in Turin.

Ultra-premium champagne, which has been associated with success and top quality since 1743, when the brand was founded by the French visionary Claude Moet. Today the best-selling sparkling wine in the world.

Medical beauty center.

World leader in satellite navigation and car recording cameras.

Retail network of kitchen furniture stores, which has been selling, developing, distributing and assembling kitchen lines of the Dolti, Dolti Collection, Livanza and Bauformat brands in the Czech Republic in Slovakia for more than 10 years. At present, the Oresi network consists of almost 70 stores.

PPA CONTROLL, a. s. a company that provides supplies and engineering services with a long-term focus on solving customer requirements that are optimal from a technical and price point of view.

Comfort, timeless elegance, warm atmosphere and care that will not be forgotten.

Natural and organic cosmetics products made of cold pressed vegetable oils, bio-oils and natural essential oils.

Slovak producer of pralines and desserts from ingredients of world producers and raw materials from plantations all over the colonial world.

Home textiles.

English for children. A creative education centre in which the boundaries between play and learning disappear.

Manufacturer of nutritional supplements for 49 countries around the world. The fastest growing healthcare brand in Central Europe.

Provision of catering services, relaxation tickets and holiday tickets, which employers use as an effective way of drawing social fund resources.

Slovak natural cosmetics and essential oils.

Quality and meaningful toys for the development of versatile skills.

The largest shopping centre for housing in Slovakia. More than 60 stores.

Slovak operator, which has been one of the largest providers of telecommunications services for households and companies for several years.

Specialized store of mattresses, slatted frames and a wide range of bedroom furniture.

Spring water with baby water quality and easy composition for everyday drinking for the whole family.

Security doors and systems.

Information campaign in the field of thyroid disease for the pharmaceutical company MERCK. The campaign has been adapted in fourteen countries around the world.

Distribution of cosmetics and nutritional supplements to slow down aging.

Production and sale of interlocking and system paving, road and garden curbs, fence systems, slope support systems and masonry systems.

100% natural coffee grain drink without caffeine, preservatives and synthetic additives.

Materials and solutions for civil engineering and industry.

The most prized Slovak coffee roaster with a unique origin from the best plantations in the world.

Unique, carefully selected mixtures of green and black teas, fruit teas, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients.

Implementation of small prefabricated buildings - garages, various types of shelters and garden houses.

Private medical centre. Aesthetic and plastic surgery, cosmetics.

Private Slovak family company specializing in the development, research and production of natural polysaccharide, fungal beta-1,3 / 1,6-D-glucan and products containing it for immune support.

Distribution of premium alcohol brands.

Life insurance services - capital and investment life insurance.

Tailor-made suits and shirts.

Support for cultural, exhibition, scientific and research, publishing and social-scientific activities of museums.

Development, production and installation of partition walls and partitions, sliding walls, acoustics solutions.

Refreshing energy drink.

Czech family company for the production of nutritional supplements.

Superior design and original seating, seat bags and accessories for children and families.

Pharmaceutical company focused on research and development of drugs and vaccines.

Vegetarian and vegan products.


Prompt communication and willingness to help - this is how our experience with the team of skilled people in Trumpeter could be briefly described. After an initial consultation, we decided to try what this cooperation could bring us. After a very short time, the cooperation brought us a lot of experience and broadened our horizons in the online and offline world. We definitely recommend it to anyone who does not want to fall asleep on their laurels and especially wants to be seen 🙂

Martina Švábiková, chief marketing officer GARDEON

We have been working with Trumpeter and Citadel for 13 years (and maybe more, we just don't remember). We first started with print PR and as the time evolved, the cooperation deepened into the on-line world, even beyond the borders of Slovakia. We appreciate the friendly to family approach and, last but not least, the professionalism and creativity of the solutions and outputs. We look forward to further meetings and cooperation.

Adrián Doboly, sales & marketing NATURES

Trumpeter identified us as an interesting product and brand that they could help with visibility through communication in the media. Their enthusiasm and interest in communicating our know-how, experience or approach to customers convinced us. We evaluate the cooperation as very beneficial and we look forward to great customer interest in our products.

Václav Faltus, CEO Zlaté Zrnko

We have been working with Trumpeter for many years and during that time I can say that only very good results are blowing into the world. A pleasant team of people who, in addition to continuous work on good PR, are always ready to respond promptly to ad hoc needs and requirements. We are satisfied with the cooperation and I believe that satisfaction will only grow.

Daniel Kodaj, CEO Dr. Martin Dental Clinic

If we had to use only three words, it would be: originality, friendliness and professionalism that best describe our cooperation with the PR agency Trumpeter. All business meetings are held in a very pleasant atmosphere, where we often laugh and always agree at the end. Deadlines are always met by the agency. As part of any proposals or solutions, we always get several options, which gives us a free hand in the final decision. If we had to choose PR cooperation once again, we would certainly not change and Trumpeter would be our winner.

Mariana Veselá, CEO Veselý Čaj

Flexibility, energy and ideas. The ability to empathize with the topic, the willingness to grasp and understand not only our business and customers, but also daily mutual support, as well as the right tools and amazingly skilled and unique people. Understanding the wide world of kitchens, technologies, appliances and the many services and benefits of Oresi in a rapidly changing time. These sentences characterize the professionals from the agency, with whom we are happy to work for a long time, and we are grateful for the results, recommendations and human approach. Up-to-date advertising for body and soul, this is what counts in our kitchen, the right partner for communication, with whom we are looking forward to further new projects.

Eva Szakálová, executive manager of communication and marketing for Oresi Slovakia s.r.o.

In cooperation with Trumpeter, we appreciate humanity and a friendly approach, promptness and the correct setting of communication of our products in the PR campaign.

Ján Petrovič, Ťuli&Ťuli

Quality content, dynamic solutions and a flexible team that is able to "walk" even in technological and professional topics. We have been cooperating with the PR agency Trumpeter for the second year and in the very first year of the campaign we have achieved a 16 times increase in gross rating point and an almost 3 times increase in media value thanks to media outputs. Therefore, in the second year, we expanded the topics of corporate communication to individual product divisions in order to gain an edge and more space in the media for educational campaigns as a global market leader in the field of specialty chemicals.

Branislav Augustín, Refurbishment and Waterproofing Manager Sika
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